Fence Staining


Pre-stain rain or shine

Stain 5-10 pickets per minute

Perfect coverage, no mess

Stain pickets, posts, more

No overspray, no waste

Easy clean-up

Works for decks too

Fence Picket Stain Machine Close Patented

The Best Way to Stain Fence

(And Deck Boards)

Veteran Owned BusinessStainTrac provides a revolutionary new system to pre-stain lumber – pickets, posts, rails, cap boards and more – up to 8″ wide and 8″ deep. Each board is sprayed with stain, then passes through nap rollers to remove excess and evenly spread stain to all surfaces. Excess stain drains back into the bucket below and is re-circulated… so there’s virtually zero waste. Pre-stain lumber for fence, deck, pergola or other outdoor wood construction projects. StainTrac is a veteran-owned business, and our machines are made in the USA.

No More Delays • No More Liability

StainTrac eliminates the pains of staining fence

  • Elminate Liability Exposure – staining in place can create massive headaches, especially when overspray gets on vehicles, structures or other property
  • Stain Rain or Shine – whether it’s raining, snowing or windy outside – you can pre-stain materials with the StainTrac staining machine to keep your jobs moving and on time
  • Never Wait Again to Get Paid – by pre-staining your lumber, the job is finished as soon at the last nail is in place

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StainTrac Fence Staining System

Stop Wasting Time & Money Today

Purchase a StainTrac fence staining system and put money in your pocket by getting work done faster.

Price – $8,995

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    The Best Lumber Staining Machine

    Experts use the StainTrac lumber staining machine to stain fence, deck, siding & more!