About StainTrac

StainTrac is a time & money saving tool designed to  prestain all types of wood from thin planks up to 8″x8″ actual square posts in any length. Created by a Vietnam veteran and a 50-year veteran of the fence industry, StainTrac was designed from the ground up to eliminate several pain points associated with staining wood for fence, deck, pergola and other construction jobs.

Our People

StainTrac was the brainchild of Duane Voss, an Army veteran who served as Door Gunner on a Chinook Helicopter and later as Crew Chief in Vietnam. Duane, an expert fabricator, grew up on a farm in Bruenig, Nebraska and used his resourceful design skills to create the StainTrac machine, partnering with long-time friend Cliff Richison to offer StainTrac worldwide.

StainTrac Prototype Welding
Duane Voss
Duane Voss
StainTrac Prototype Welding
StainTrac Side View Extended
StainTrac End View Folded

Our Patent

United States Patent No.: US 11,364,653 B1


A device for staining or painting planks has an enclosure and a plank receiver for guiding a plank into the enclosure. At least one pair of vertical rollers are provided for engaging the plank received in the plank receiver. A lever may be positioned to contact the plank upon exit from the plank receiver. A linkage bar is affixed to the lever and to vertical rollers. Moving the lever by insertion of the plank moves the vertical rollers in preparation for receiving a leading edge of the plank. The vertical rollers are mounted on swing arms for facilitating adjustment of a space between the left vertical rollers and the right vertical rollers for accommodating planks of various thicknesses. Vertical sprayers are pivotally mounted and in communication with the swing arms for pivoting with the vertical rollers for maintaining a constant distance between the vertical rollers and the left vertical sprayer.

StainTrac US Patent