The Best Way to Stain a Fence (Contractors Love This)

Feb 9, 2021 | Fence Staining

Stained FenceTrac FenceIf you are a fence contractor or run a fence staining business.

You’re always on the lookout for better, faster ways of doing things.

Today, we’re going to explore the best way to stain a fence.

This method of fence staining utilizes a revolutionary piece of fence staining equipment

…designed to pre-stain wood prior to assembly.

It’s fast, it’s clean, it’s awesome.

Let’s take a closer look.

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Fence Staining Onsite vs. Pre-stained Lumber

Most fence staining happens onsite after the fence is built.

Staining a fence onsite can be a bit unpredictable.

There’s the weather you might have to contend with.

Rain, wind, cold conditions.

Then there’s the risk of overspray on someone’s house, car or other property.

While onsite fence staining might be a big part of your business.

The fact is.

Sometimes we worry about liability, weather delays and other risks.

Fence Stain Sprayer Overspray


If you are in the business of building new fences.


If as a fence staining contractor, you are in the business of staining new fences.

You have the option to pre-stain your lumber prior to installation.

Pre-staining lumber offers huge benefits over onsite staining.

We’ll cover some of these in detail below.

The Best Way to Stain a Standing Fence

Lot’s of people look for the best way to stain a fence.

If you’re fence is already standing.

And you’d like some ideas for how to stain a fence that’s already built…

…check out these videos.

Each presents their own preferred methods and tips for applying fence stain.

For our purposes, we’re going to look at the best way to apply stain before the fence is built.

If you’re curious about that.

Keep reading.

If you install new fences, now you’ve got options for fence staining & sealing.

Run your fence pickets, posts, rails, etc. through a staining machine.

Then, take the pre-stained lumber to the jobsite, and build the fence.

Fence Stain Machine Pre-stained Wood Stack

Boom! It’s done.

Stain lumber in the shop.

Stain lumber onsite.

Wherever you want.

You’re not limited by weather, overspray risk or anything else. 

The Best Way to Stain a New Fence

StainTrac is a stain machine.

With StainTrac, you can pre-stain 5-10 pickets per minute.

Restack them right on the pallet, and deliver to the jobsite.

StainTrac Staining Machine

When it comes to staining methods…

Our fence staining machine include the best of all worlds.

When considering the best way to stain a fence…

Experts compare the benefits of spraying vs. rolling stain.

Our machine does both.

Fence lumber is first sprayed using flood nozzles (so there’s no overspray).

Following that.

The wood passes through a series of nap rollers where it is rolled on all sides.

To ensure total stain coverage for every piece of wood.

Watch this video to see how StainTrac works.

The Easiest Way to Stain Fence for Contractors

The StainTrac fence staining machine is intended for use by fence staining contractors, fence builders, deck builders, lumber yards, fence supply companies or others who want to deliver pre-stained materials. 

Stained Wood & Metal Fence

StainTrac works great to stain all types of lumber.

Cedar, pine, fir, redwood, cypress or pressure-treated for both smooth and rough cut lumber.

And you can apply stain to nearly any size wood component.

From thin fence pickets to any length square post up to 8″ x 8″ in size.

Each piece of wood is coated on all sides, giving your fence better sealing properties and a better finish.

If you are tired of the hassles with staining fences onsite, consider StainTrac for new fence projects.

Beyond fences…

Stained Pergola

StainTrac works great for pre-staining wood for:

  • Deck construction
  • Pergola construction
  • And other outdoor structures

Get the best stain coverage.

The StainTrac fence staining machine gives you total control over the staining process.

Your customer will end up with a better result.

And you will benefit from the time and cost savings associated with more control over the inputs of each job. 

Stop Wasting Fence Stain

Another big benefit to stain application with StainTrac.

No more lost stain.

The self-contained spray chamber of the StainTrac virtually eliminates waste.

With flood nozzles, there’s no overspray.

And after each piece of wood runs through the roller series.

Excess stain simply drips back into the stain bucket under the machine, where it is filtered and re-pumped through the system.

Stain more for less cost.

It’s a beautiful thing.

Contact us to learn how you can put a StainTrac machine to work for your business.