Fence Stain Sprayer: Staining Equipment to Pre-stain Wood

Sep 20, 2020 | Fence Staining

StainTrac Commercial Fence Stain SprayerIf you build wood fencing or decks, you know the pain associated with traditional fence stain sprayers.

And other wood staining equipment.

Fence staining can be messy and slow, sometimes causing delays in job completion…

…and maybe most importantly, delays for when you get paid.

That’s why an upgrade to traditional methods of fence staining has been long overdue.

Today, we’re going to look at a new system to pre-stain all the wood that goes into building your next fence or deck.

Let’s dive right in.

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The Problem With Fence Staining Equipment

If you’re a fence contractor, you know that feeling you sometimes get when someone orders a stained fence.

While you’re glad for the extra work, you also may be thinking to yourself…

  • I hope it’s not windy on staining day.
  • Is the crew going to get overspray on the house or cars?
  • How long might we need to wait till we get a good day for staining?
  • When am I going to be able to collect final payment?

Fence staining can be unpredictable and a huge hassle.

Fence Stain Sprayer Overspray

Most fence staining happens onsite after the fence is built.

With that, you need a dry, calm day with very little breeze to prevent overspray that could damage your customer’s property.

Some fence contractors pre-stain pickets and posts prior to installation by leaning them up against something in the shop or in the yard.

Then spraying them with a traditional pump sprayer.


This is predictably messy, inefficient and wastes a lot of stain.

The Old Way of Staining Fence

If you’re not careful.

The old way of fence staining – using an airless or pump sprayer (or worse a roller) – can lead to lots of problems.

Staining Fence With Roller

First off.

Fence staining usually happens out in the elements, where you don’t know if it’s going to be raining, snowing, windy or calm.

And some staining experts recommend waiting 2-3 months (or longer) after installation before staining the fence to allow the wood to dry out.

In addition to normal weather delays that make certain days unsuitable to staining, this time gap can cause a delay in you getting paid.

Plus onsite staining may not give your customer the highest quality possible.

When staining a fence onsite, you spray the fence after it’s been assembled.

This can leave areas or each picket, post or rail uncoated and vulnerable to moisture absorption or more rapid deterioration.

Once the fence is installed, you won’t be able to apply stain to wood surfaces that touch one another.

Fence Stain With Roller
Fence Stain With Brush
Fence Stain With Sprayer

A New Way With New Staining Equipment

There is a better fence stain sprayer that allows you to pre-stain all wood before getting to the jobsite…

…ensuring total stain coverage for each piece of wood run through the wood staining system.

StainTrac is a revolutionary piece of equipment designed to stain fence.

Staining in advance…

A fence staining system that stains wood planks, backer rails and posts on demand before installation.

The StainTrac fence staining machine is intended for use by fencing contractors, deck builders, lumber yards, fence supply companies or others who want to deliver pre-stained materials. 

StainTrac Staining Machine

StainTrac works great to stain all types of lumber. 

You can stain cedar deck boards, pine, fir, redwood, cypress or pressure-treated for both smooth and rough cut lumber.

And you can stain nearly any size wood component from thin fence pickets to any length square post up to 8″ x 8″ in size.

Each piece of wood is coated on all sides, giving your fence better sealing properties and a better finish.

And talk about saving time!

With StainTrac, you can stain 5-10 pickets per minute right in your shop, no matter the weather. Rain, wind or snow are no longer a problem when pre-staining with StainTrac.

No Wasted Stain

The self-contained spray chamber of the StainTrac staining machine virtually eliminates waste.

Stain is flood sprayed onto all sides of the wood prior running through a series of nap rollers to remove any excess stain.

Excess stain drips right back into the stain bucket, where it’s re-pumped through the system.

Watch this video to see how StainTrac works.

The Best Fence Stain Sprayer for Contractors

If you are tired of the hassles associated with staining fence the old way, consider StainTrac.

Works great for pre-staining wood for wood fences, deck construction, pergolas and other outdoor wood structures.

Better coverage with better staining equipment.

The StainTrac fence staining machine gives you total control over the staining process.

Your customer will end up with a better product, and you will benefit from the time and cost savings associated with more control over the inputs of each job.