How To Stain A Pergola Before Construction

Apr 20, 2022 | Deck Staining, Stained Lumber

Let’s take a look at a brand new way to stain a pergola.

How To Stain A PergolaAny contractor who has tried to apply stain to wood on a standing pergola knows that this method can be time-consuming and tedious.

There are risks associated with working overhead on a ladder…

Plus, stain can drip and not coat evenly thanks to gravity, or it can be difficult to hit all the nooks and crannies.

Fortunately, there is a better way to stain and seal wood for a pergola.

You can stain wood before installation using a stain machine. This machine is clean, safe, efficient, offers the best coverage, minimizes waste and can be done in the shop or on the jobsite. This product sounds amazing, but it gets even better. Read on to learn more about this revolutionary product.

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The Traditional Way of Staining a Pergola

When you are looking at staining a pergola, you are likely looking at how to stain wood in a traditional manner.

There are two common ways that a pergola is commonly stained.

The first method is to stain the wood before the pergola is installed.

Staining Wood Outside With Sprayer

However, high-volume builders know that staining wood before construction can be messy and wasteful. There is a lot of overspray using a sprayer and a lot of stain is wasted.

You can also waste time at a construction site trying to stain wood onsite.

The other option is to stain a pergola once the pergola is installed.

However, standing on a ladder and coating each piece of lumber by hand can be time-consuming.

Standing On Ladder Staining Pergola

It can also increase the chances of an employee becoming injured on the job as they try to balance themselves on a ladder.

Finally, installing a stain on a pergola once it is constructed may not lend itself to an even or smooth stain on the wood.

Staining onsite has some challenges.

Staining Pergola Overhead Brush

Why You Should Stain Pergola Wood Before Installation

StainTrac has revolutionized the wood staining process.

A stain machine is used to treat unfinished wood, including redwood, cedar, pine, fir, cypress and pressure-treated lumber, with either an oil-based or water-based staining product.

The machine completes staining work faster and better, so contractors can quickly and easily stain their wood products prior to arriving at a job site.

This allows each piece to be properly coated with minimal waste, while also allowing each board to fully dry.

Once the stain on the wood pieces is completely dry, you can transport it to the job site and construct the pergola.

StainTrac Folded Down

The Wood Products StainTrac Can Be Used On

StainTrac has designed their wood stain machine to stain all of the wood products that you need to stain.

The machine can stain a wide array of lumber wood products nearly any length, as long as the product has a girth no larger than 8-inches wide and 8-inches deep.

This makes it perfect to stain many of the wood materials used in outdoor construction for commercial and residential properties.

Some of the wood products that StainTrac can be used to coat prior to being installed or constructed include:

  • Purlins
  • Joists
  • Beams
  • Posts
  • Rafters
  • Wood fencing
  • Materials for a pergola
  • Decking materials
  • Siding
Fence Stain With Roller
Fence Stain With Brush
Fence Stain With Sprayer

A Better Way to Stain Pergola Wood

The stain machine allows you to make staining pergola wood an organized process.

Each step in the machine’s staining process has been designed to help save time and solve a common issue that occurs with spraying or hand staining wood items.

Fence Picket Stain MachineWhen you turn the wood stain machine on, it is ready to begin the process of staining.

Each wood plank or post you place in the machine is flood-coated with either a water-based or oil-based stain.

The wood item then passes through a series of nap rollers. The nap

rollers work to remove any excess stain while evenly spreading the stain across the surface of the wood.

Any excess stain drains back into a bucket where it can be recirculated and re-applied, cutting back on waste and eliminating overspray.

As your materials make their way through the machine, you can load more pieces into the machine. You can stain five to ten pieces of wood material per minute using this machine!

Problems the StainTrac Stain Machine Solves

The StainTrac stain machine can solve a lot of problems that are common when you are trying to stain wood materials, including pergolas.

A big problem that the wood stain machine solves is waste.

When you use a traditional sprayer or a roller to apply stain, you can waste a lot of stain. Stain is expensive, so high-volume construction companies want to minimize waste to help their bottom line.

Another problem that the machine solves is repetitive motion injuries. Rolling a​​ roller over wood can lead to repetitive use or repetitive motion injuries.

Staining Deck Boards With Roller

The machine makes staining pergola materials and other wood easy, keeping your employees safe.

StainTrac also solves weather-related problems.

You can set up the machine in a warehouse or shop and pre-stain items before heading to a jobsite.

Weather and rain can prevent you from staining pergolas, decks or fences once they are constructed.

But with StainTrac, you stain ahead of time, and once the pergola is built, you’re done!

Lastly, StainTrac can help ensure your wood materials have a smooth, even coat of wood stain on them.

The machine evenly coats wood, preventing streaking or dripping.

Now Is the Time to Try StainTrac For Yourself!

StainTrac is a product that provides a revolutionary way to pre-stain wood that is used to apply stain to wood, such as pergolas, before anything is constructed with the wood.

Items such as pickets, posts, rails, joists, rafters, beams, purlins and cap boards can be stained using this system.

You can also pre-stain lumber for fences, decking, pergola, pre-stained siding or other outdoor wood construction projects.

StainTrac is a veteran-owned business, and our machines are made in the USA.

Now is the time to try StainTrac for yourself to stain your next pergola project. 

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