How To Stain Wood (As a Business)

Apr 21, 2022 | Deck Staining, Stained Lumber

Let’s talk about a better way to stain wood for outdoor projects.

From the deck to the fence, from the shed and the pergola to the siding.

How To Pre-Stain Wood FeaturedWhat do these structures all have in common?

If they’re made of wood, then chances are they’re going to be painted or stained prior to installation or after construction.

Now, you already know that staining wood planks, boards, and other wood materials are imperative to coloring the natural surface of the wood.

It’s done to boost aesthetics and curb appeal.

But when it comes to your staining business, time is money. And any opportunity to save the time it takes to apply stain to wood is going to result in a greater level of efficiency.

Want to know how to save time and money while staining? You’re in the right place!

Today, we’ll discuss how to stain wood, the ideal staining equipment to add to your staining business and more.

We’re going to look at a new way for how to stain wood and add money to your bottom line.

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How to Stain Wood Traditional Methods

We’ll get into discussing some of the tools of the trade to help with your staining wood boards.

But first.

It’s worth taking a moment to review how to stain wood.

While it is often best practice to stain wood before installation, this isn’t always doable.

Many staining contractors stain onsite as a matter of necessity when re-applying stain on an old structure.

Stained And Unstained Wood Planks

You or your customer will need to decide on a type of stain.

There are oil-based stains, water-based stains, gel stains and more to select from – all of which have their various pros and cons.

Oil-based stains tend to enable a long working time, while water-based stains are low in odor, dry faster and tend to be easier to apply.

For many outdoor applications, you’ll want to use a good self-leveling stain that helps prevent streaks.

In some scenarios, pre-stain treatment may be necessary. You may want to lightly sand the wood to, in some cases, open up the pores of the wood for application.

But this may not be the case for rough lumber.

Then, comes the tricky part.

Staining the wood takes skill, especially when it comes to finding that perfect shade.

As you know, the longer you leave the stain on, the darker it’s going to appear on the wood.

Timing is everything when it comes to application and removal.

Stain Wood Fence Metal Frame

Wood Staining Challenges

You may be looking for solutions for the best way to stain a fence.

Or maybe you’ve always wanted to stain deck boards before installation.

As a staining contractor or builder, we’re always looking for ways to improve our business.

Let’s review some of the common challenges that any staining business is likely to encounter from time to time.


  • Wasted stain from staining in place – stain is sprayed, but not all of it stay on the wood surface
  • Dripping stain on vertical surfaces – depending on the quality of stain, too heavy an application could result in stain streaks or spots
  • Having to work around the weather conditions when you’re staining something outdoors – rain, wind, even snow can cause project delays
  • Stain drying times – some stains require time to dry, and if you are working in the elements, rain could hit right after you finish staining
  • Overspray and potential cross-contamination of other building materials – you don’t want stain to get onto a person’s house, vehicle or surrounding objects

What if you could….

Stain wood before installation in your shop in an effective and efficient way!

StainTrac is a wood staining machine that allows you to stain wood fast and in a controlled environment.

Stain Trac Offers a Better Way to Stain Wood

Rather than staining wood materials in place, the innovative Stain Trac enables you as a staining contractor or building products manufacturer to literally pre-stain anywhere you want.

You’ll be able to caot each board with stain and seal products completely – and before installation.

Stain wood on the jobsite, in your shop, out in the yard, in your manufacturing facility, or wherever you want to stain wood.

It’s a highly effective and efficient means of performing pre-stain before you arrive on the jobsite.

It works with all types of wood boards and planks.

Simply unfold the piece of equipment, set up your stain bucket and run each piece of wood through the machine.

It’s simple.

Unstained wood goes in one side and comes out entirely coated on the other side.

Think of it like a car wash for stain, but instead of cleaning something, you’re applying stain to every exposed surface of the wood.

StainTrac Staining Machine

You can stain 5-10 fence pickets, deck boards, posts, rafters, railings per minute!

As each plank enters the StainTrac, it is sprayed with flood nozzles, resulting in no overspray.

Nap rollers work to both apply the stain and then remove the excess stain before the board is removed from the miniature assembly line.

And any excess stain simply drips back down into the stain bucket for recirculation and reuse.

It works well whether you want to stain boards back at your shop or bring the Stain Trac on site to use.

And the Stain Trac eliminates many of the pain points that traditional staining comes with.

It’s fast and efficient.

Each board runs through the machine and comes out stained in a matter of seconds.

It beats using a roller and paintbrush!

Fence Stain With Roller
Fence Stain With Brush
Fence Stain With Sprayer
And it eliminates some problems associated with stain sprayers.

And you end up with a better-coated product.

It’s weather-proof! Just use the Stain Trac indoors to complete your work if Mother Nature isn’t cooperating.

Just put a board in and pull it out stained and ready to install.

StainTrac can process boards up to 8 inches wide and 8 inches deep in any length.

Stain more for less, and put StainTrac to work for your business.

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StainTrac is a product that provides a revolutionary way to pre-stain wood that is used to apply stain to wood, such as pergolas, before anything is constructed with the wood.

Items such as pickets, posts, rails, joists, rafters, beams, purlins and cap boards can be stained using this system.

You can also pre-stain lumber for fences, decking, pergola, pre-stained siding or other outdoor wood construction projects.

StainTrac is a veteran-owned business, and our machines are made in the USA.

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