StainTrac Specifications

StainTrac is a lumber staining machine designed to prestain all types of wood, including: redwood, cedar, pine, fir, cypress, pressure-treated & more. Use prestained wood for fence construction, deck construction, pergolas or other outdoor structures.

Features & Capabilities

  • Stain 5-10 boards per minute
  • Accommodates nearly any size picket, post, rail, stringer, cap board
  • Stain up to 8″x8″ actual square posts
  • Stain any length lumber for fences, decks, pergolas & more
  • Stain is recycled for virtually zero waste. Easy cleanup
  • Adjustable flood nozzles for exact stain placement and no overspray
  • Spring-loaded, multi-pass nap rollers for even stain coverage
  • Quick-change adjustable lumber guides
  • Industrial-grade 120V Roughneck pump with power cord
  • Foldable lumber support arms and wheels for easy transport

Weight & Dimensions

  • Extended Dimensions (inches) – 128.00 W x 22.63 D x 42.00 H
  • Folded Dimensions (inches) – 52.00 W x 22.63 D x 70.75 H
  • Machine Weight – 225 lbs
StainTrac Side View Extended
StainTrac Side View Folded
StainTrac End View Folded

AMT 120V Pump

  • Industrial pump
  • Cast aluminum construction
  • 120V AC, including power cord & plug
  • 1 in. inlet and outlet